Szymanowski - CD REVIEW by G.Fitelberg

March 2013,  Los Angeles: Polish Music Center, University of Southern California


Eri Iwamoto shows special sensitivity in her performances of Szymanowski’s piano works. She is perhaps one of the leading proponents of piano music of Polish composers from a foreign nation other than Poland. 

Artur Rubenstein, the great Polish pianist would surely agree with Iwamoto's assessment and deep admiration for Szymanowski. From the very outset, he developed a close connection with the piano music of Szymanowski. Clearly, when he himself first discovered and encountered the Op. 1 Preludes by a then virtually unknown Polish composer, he also felt the magic of the music and himself was entranced by its qualities. Rubenstein recalls in his memoirs "It is impossible to describe our amazement after playing the first few bars of the Prelude. That music was written by a master! We hastily ran through all the manuscripts while our enthusiasm and excitement rose as we realized that we were discovering a great Polish composer."

Iwamoto immersed herself in the study of not only Szymanowski's musical language but the Polish language to fully and truly comprehend his essence, which has clearly found its way to this archival sound recording. It is compelling and fascinating. She adds boastfully, "I would be quite happy if it helped further dissemination of the great composer's music."

Szymanowski displays a rare gift at the heart and foundation of his compositions. Eri Iwamoto brings her clear and demonstrative understanding of this gift to life through her concert performances and this CD."

by Gary Fitelberg 
Gary Fitelberg is a musicologist and music critic specializing in the Young Poland composers Grzegorz Fitelberg, Mieczysław Karłowicz, Ludomir Różycki, Apolinary Szeluto, and Karol Szymanowski, as well as Polish-Jewish music and musicians.

Eri Iwamoto-Bukowian's new CD!


Andy Harris : Piano Works for 4 hands


Preludes Set1

Preludes Set2

Silence of piece

Twi scenes from nature



Tamara Granat

Eri Iwamoto-Bukowian


It is published by DUX Poland.

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Andy Harris Wasteland
Andy Harris Wasteland

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Andy Harris
WASTELAND - Music for Piano, Four Hands

Preludes-Mirrors and Images(1994-2001),
The Silence of Peace(1997),
Two Scenes from Nature(1974)

Tamara Granat
Eri Iwamoto-Bukowian